New Here?

Hi, there. We're Soma...

We're all about Jesus. We are a church family that finds great hope and love and grace in Jesus. We want to be more like him. We are learning to follow him in the everyday stuff of life - to be his disciples. And we believe that happens best in community.

If you are getting to know us or just checking things out, we're happy to chat, tell our story, listen to yours, and answer questions you might have. We have many opportunities to connect through our Sunday gatherings, people inviting you over for a meal, a Missional Community that meets throughout the week, etc. 

We know that connecting with a church can feel challenging, but we want to help make it easy. If you are interested in learning more, shoot us an email and one of our leaders will get in touch personally.

Terms we use

If you are wondering about some language we use that might sound unfamiliar, this should help clarify...

Missional Community

It's not a "small group," a "Bible study" or a "ministry team" like you might be familiar with, though they share many characteristics. Missional Communities are not a supplement to Sunday gatherings, we believe both are key to following Jesus.

In the Soma family, we consider the Missional Community to be the primary organizing structure of the church - the essential context where most of the work of making disciples happens. It's not mainly a weekly meeting, it's a family doing life together in many ways - learning to follow Jesus in everyday life (typically, they do share a meal every week). We think about our Sunday gatherings kind of like a locker room - where we learn and are challenged to go out onto the field of everyday life where the MC is our team and making disciples of Jesus is the goal.

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DNA Group

Three men or three women (sometimes four) typically meet weekly to help each other Discover Jesus in the Scriptures, Nurture the truths of the gospel in our hearts, and Act to obey what Jesus calls us to. DNA groups help foster deep friendships that help us mature in faith. 

In Jesus' ministry, he had a large group of close followers (he sent out 70 at one point), and he had tighter group of the 12 apostles, and within that he had an intimate group of Peter, James and John. Our DNA groups are akin to that smallest social space which Jesus used to make disciples.  

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Our name comes from the Greek word for body. The Bible calls the church the soma of Christ. The name Soma reminds us that just like the human body, the church has many different parts that work together, and they are all valuable though they play different roles. "The eye cannot say to the hand, 'I have no need of you,'" (1 Corinthians 12:21) And in this biblical picture, Jesus is the head. Our name reminds us Jesus loves and serves the world through his body, the church. We are grateful to get to be a part of that!

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More than a great music genre, the Bible uses the word "gospel" to mean the good news about Jesus. We believe that good news is absolutely central to life. It's not just the first step in a staircase, it's like the hub of a wheel. Who we are, how we stucture our church family, what we do in everyday life all starts and ends with what God did through Jesus.

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