Going Deep: DNA Groups

Discover. Nurture. Act.

We encourage everyone in Soma to be part of what we call a DNA Group. These close relationships are a key part of how we grow to make all of life all about Jesus.

We help one another...

Discover Jesus in the Scriptures
Nurture the truths of the gospel in our hearts
Act to obey what Jesus calls us to

Groups of three

These groups (three people of the same gender) meet weekly to share what they are learning and help each other grow as disciples of Jesus. These friends likely text each other during the week - they might go for a walk, have dinner, help with a house project, etc. They generally live everyday life in ways that overlap and foster going deep with each other and Jesus.

It's ideal if a DNA group is made up of people in the same Missional Community. That can't always happen, but when it does, you get to spend more time together and that can help go deep more quickly.

Interested? Talk with your MC leader about getting into a DNA group.